Meet Anish

Anish Parikh
Anish Parikh is an Associate Coach at VIP Business Coaching and has built several technology businesses from inception to exit. In his last one he designed the product and its underlying AI, receiving 4 patents, booked the companies first $7M in revenues, and hit a “ceiling”, before bringing in a Scaling-Up type framework which helped him go on to raise $6M in venture capital, build out a team of executives, and grow revenue before exiting the company. Anish enjoys working with business leaders to build great professional relationships and great businesses.
  • Team: Remote culture, recruiting, alignment, leadership
  • Product: Product strategy, user experience
  • Technology: Natural Language Processing, AI, ML
  • Sales: Enterprise sales, funnel management
  • Marketing: Online marketing, PR, lead generation
  • Finance: VC fundraising, debt, cash management, budgeting, board management
  • Domains: B2B SaaS, Prospecting, Sales, AI, NLP, analytics
Our goal working together will be firmly rooted in VIP Business Coaching’s Promise of Success – through our business coaching engagement we will help: